Hi I’m Tarik Ahmet, London based documentary portrait photographer. My trip to becoming a freelance photographer is certainly an exciting one that I never thought I’d journey through, but what’s done is done and the direction that I’ve taken has made me the best version of myself that I can imagine. Although I could have been a little taller I guess.

I photograph people mainly because they amaze me. The way people react and interact with one another is fascinating and I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of trying to understand what people are thinking at any given time. A photograph gives you that split second to look deep into their eyes and intercept their expression to create a story of what may or may not be. It’s a privilege to capture a moment or a person to have that moment linger for as long as you want it to. A smile, a tear, a hug, all moments that mean so much.

Having studied computer science and music I seems to connect those logical and illogical dots where I can to create shapes and colours in a structured but destructive way to tell a story and bring to life moments that could be lost, documenting emotion and sincerity as naturally as possible.

I’ve worked with many brands such as Western Union, Campo Viejo, Branston Pickle,  Haywards, Toblerone, Netgear and managed to produce professional work in a seamless manner to a specific brief. 3 years in Print Production at mcgarrybowen London has given me both ends of the spectrum for what is expected during a shoot and how clients, creatives and photographers can work hand in hand to produce beautiful, poignant work that matters. Work that means something and makes a difference.